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Artificial intelligence is used on our platform. This means that tradesmen and service providers no longer have to read and respond to countless ads, as they did in the past. Our “matching” is generated automatically and the matching partner is informed immediately. This is how modern job and partner search works today.

Simple, convenient and successful, that is eServSol – easy Service Solution.

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We are the innovative solution that quickly brings together the client and contractor. Placing and accepting orders has never been so easy, so fast and so successful. We finally bring together successfully what belongs together

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  • Register quickly and easily. After only a few steps, the possibilities of eServSol are at your disposal.
  • Add the areas of expertise and qualifications. Manage your locations, contacts, employees and items as you wish.
  • Set the urgency and search criteria. Through the convenient selection options, you quickly start your search query.
  • Through our matching process, you can quickly find the right partner and with just a few clicks, the job is reliably awarded.

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Our staff is ready to help and support you with any questions you may have.

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With us you will find the right and qualified craftsman for your trade.

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Why we do it the way we do.

Why does it have to be so hard?

Our origin story is quickly told, but it has a formative background, which reflects the everyday problems.

In our professional career, we have repeatedly come to the point of commissioning external service partners in a wide variety of projects and processes. And surely you know this sentence among colleagues: “Do you know someone who……… and can you recommend them with a clear conscience?”.

But once you have received a contact from a colleague or the search on the Internet was successful at first glance, the challenge and uncertainty really start……

Thomas Becker
CEO eServSol